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Pele Maradona – Battle of centuries

Pele Maradona

Pele Maradona

Who it the Greatest footballer Pele Or Maradona.Some people thinks that king of the king is Maradona,but opposite side says that Maradona is not enough good as Pele.So Decesion is on us.In my opinion Pele Maradona , both are such big thing in football that nobody will go top of them in future.

Fantastic Dribble and fantastic shoot,lovely attacking football was always their friend in life.

Ball was their job and nobody will say exactly who was the best.

Maradona and Pele are heroes of their countries.Brazil and Argentina worship their greatest footballers.

So lets say :  Bravo Pele Maradona for your their career.

and one gift from me,video clip with pele maradona in Maradona show.

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