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Maradona Movie

Maradona Movie

The anniversary of the goal of the century Maradona by Kusturica.

In the next few days there will be exactly a quartet of a century since the goal of the century was scored. The author of the best goal in the history of football is Diego Maradona.

The goal was made by the legendary player of the world on the world championship between England and Argentina.

Maradona is  the best player known not only for the goal, but also with scandalous actions and achievements, his great admirer Emir Kusturica has dedicated him a film.

Kusturica produced a movie called “Maradona”, it will be released on 22 June.

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Maradona 1986

World Cup 1986 was just perfect for Diego Armando Maradona.It was his year.Argentina without him would not get cup of World Champions.He made such great skills against England in quart final that… We cant imagine world cup 1986 without him. People Called this World Cup Maradona 1986. Here is video clip with some moments of Maradona skills.

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